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Have you got the right “Curve”?

Get your both your feet scanned now for FREE! Learn more about yourself through the FREE Chiropractic Health Talk by Dr. Thong Lyn.

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Have you got the “RIGHT”Curves?

You may be curious over my above-captioned subject. As I ask this question “do you have the right curves”, many may ponder the answer.
Familiar with the terms below?

•Back Pain?

• Neck Pain?

• Knee Pain?

• Leg Pain?

• Arm & Shoulder Pain?

• Foot Pain?

• Heel Pain?

• Headaches & Migraines?

• Low Energy & Fatigue?

• Ankle Pain?

• Hip Pain?

• Calf Pain?

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

• Fibromyalgia?

• Numbness & Tingling?

• Palm & Hand Pain?

• Scoliosis?

• Sciatica?

• Slip Disc?

• Stroke?

• Car Accident Injuries?

• Accident Injuries?

• Abnormal Posture & Gait?

Chiropractic is the largest growing health industry that focuses on pain relief without the use of drugs, medication, or surgery.
You might still in doubt, just get both of your feet scanned and let Dr. Thong Lynn to interpret the result for you. Here is the Health Talk detail:
Date :  9th January 2016, Saturday
Time :  2pm-3.30pm
Venue:  SAB Office, Summerton Penang,
 1st Floor No.110-02-06,Summer Primo Height,
 Persiaran Bayan Indah,
 11900 Penang, Malaysia.
*FREE Foot Scanning is available for first come first served basis from 1.30pm to 2pm
About Dr. Thoong Lyn
Dr. Thoong Lyn graduated with honors and holds a Chiropractic degree from the International Medical University. Her education and experience has vastly exposed her to integrative health care practices whereby she works closely with medical doctors, physiotherapist, radiologist and nutritionist to provide patient centered care. She is familiar with medical knowledge and various advice when patient needs multidisciplinary treatment approach. Dr. Thoong Lyn is a well sought after Doctor of Chiropractic who has honed her expertise in Singapore and Malaysia for the last 2 years. Dr. Thoong Lyn has helped countless patients (from children to elderly) and families maximize their health and well-being. In Kiro lounge KL & Singapore itself, she has more than 100 patients under her care. She specializes in multiple techniques designed to heal the body in the most natural way possible. Dr. Thoong Lyn specializes in the following fields: • Trained with Singapore renowned Doctor of Chiropractor, Dr Brian Manalastas • Practices Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) – Muscle work • Practices in Activator technique – Technique suitable to treat babies and elderly • Postural management and ergonomic advice • Involve in various communities and sports event treating athletes with sports injury and help them perform better by freeing stress from their body

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